How to Plan a Rustic Wedding

When you search the dictionary for the word rustic, the reliable book of knowledge tells you that the term describes a rural, simple, unsophisticated adjective. The definition implies a rough, and dirty atmosphere with an irregular or sunken stone surface.

Well, it’s safe to say that the dictionary needs some updating!

Rustic themed weddings can be classy, cozy and extremely down to earth. Incorporating elements of nature, rustic themed weddings encapsulate a tone of natural elegance and sophistication.

Here are some helpful tips to make your rustic themed wedding everything that you dreamed of!

Rustic Wedding Invitations


Your wedding invitations are the first piece of wedding material that your guests will come in contact with. Be sure to capture the true feel of your rustic wedding theme with an invitation that beautifully represents your big day.

To capture your rustic theme, send out your wedding day details on a plantable invitation! Charmingly crafted from plantable seed paper, your invitations can play a larger role in your big day than simply gaining your RSVPs. Once your guests send their responses, plant the cards in clay pots a few weeks before the big day.

The invitations will transform from a legible piece of literature into beautiful wildflowers that you can feature throughout your wedding venue.

Rustic Décor Ideas


To keep the rustic theme going, incorporate rustic elements throughout your venue. Welcome your guests as they arrive with an ornate vintage chalkboard mounted on a wood grain base.

Capture your guests’ attention during the ceremony with a rustic Here Comes the Bride sign, letting them know when to stand to welcome you down the aisle.

Also, incorporating natural fibres in your linen selections and table runners will set the tone for your rustic wedding theme. Fibres like burlap create the earthy rustic feel, completing the look and feel for your wedding day theme.

Eco Friendly Wedding Favours


Finish off your rustic day with an eco friendly wedding favour. Send your guests home with a reusable travel coffee mug or a small pouch of wildflower seeds to commemorate your special day. Each gift will beautifully capture your rustic wedding theme and allow your guests to cherish the memories when they light their candle or look out into their own garden.

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