Bridal Shower Checklist: The Finer Details

Planning a bridal shower can be an overwhelming task, especially for first time planners. Remembering the larger, more obvious items is easy. But adding the special, personal touches throughout the bridal shower is what makes the celebration memorable.

We have put together a bridal shower checklist with a few simple suggestions to get you started!

It’s All About the Bride

Sash and Flutes
Making sure that your bride feels special is the most important element of the day. Presenting the guest of honour with a bride-to-be sash will highlight the celebratory reason for the gathering, making the bride stand apart from the rest.

Assuring that she does not lift a finger throughout the day, be sure to cater to her every need. Something as simple as keeping her glass full will encourage toasting in her name. Providing a special glass will guarantee that your bride’s beverage will stand apart from the rest, minimizing the possibility of being misplaced.

Check out the fairy tale design toasting flute for a beautiful example.

Bridal Shower Decorations

Square Glass Vase With Photo Frame
Decorating is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a bridal shower. Seeing everything come together in front of your eyes is a fulfilling feeling. From the balloons and streamers, to the varying bite-sized sandwiches and tasty desserts, laying everything out makes the whole celebration come to life.

Why not take it one step further with a little personalization?

Adding special elements throughout the shower, such as a few square glass vases with photo frames, will do double duty. They will spruce the venue up with freshly cut flowers, as well as display photos of the bride and groom. You can also send guests home with them as door prizes!

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Games
Keeping the shower guests entertained is a key element to hosting a successful bridal shower. Having pre-planned bridal shower games scheduled throughout the celebration will hold the guests attention and provide a source of humor for everyone to enjoy.

Certain games require guests to write down their answers before revealing them to the rest of the group. Ordering personalized notebooks that feature the bridal shower date and a themed image will add an unexpected, personalized detail.

Looking for more specific game ideas? Why don’t you order a sensational showers bingo set! Guests play along as you call out wedding sayings and warm words of wisdom.

Bridal Shower Favours

Bridal Shower Favours
Send your bridal shower guests home with a sweet treat in a personalized cupcake favour box. These classy little boxes come with blank labels for you to write the guest’s names, or a personalized thank-you message.

Sweets aren’t your thing?

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Thank your shower guests with a novelty diamond keychain and have everyone leave the bridal shower feeling like royalty! Need more bridal shower inspiration? Browse through our vast inventory for all of your checklist needs!

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