How to Choose Meaningful Wedding Gifts for Parents

Parents are a pivotal part of every wedding. Why? Because standing behind every bride and groom are parents who are watching their children pass through one of the biggest milestones of adulthood. While being a bride or a groom means you’re center stage, parents are part of the opening act, which is why taking the time to appropriately show your appreciation for their role in your life is a necessity.

Wedding planning can be hectic, stressful and expensive, but taking some extra time to purchase a meaningful gift to present to your parents at some point before or after the wedding festivities will mean the world to them. These gifts don’t have to be huge grand gestures, or super expensive. Something simple that shows your love for them and gives them something to cherish from this special time will go much further.

But where to start? Trying to find that perfect special gift may seem like a daunting task but remember that it’s YOU your parents are happy for. So start there! Consider giving them something personalized like a beautiful picture frame with a loving message from you and your new spouse. Or why stop at just one photo? Pick some of your favorite prints from your wedding and put them in a whole photo album so that they can remember that proud and super special moment whenever they’d like.

Are you unsure of how to remember a parent or loved one that has passed? Sometimes, when tragedy strikes and a parent or loved one passes before they can be present at your wedding, remembering them in a special way during your wedding is a wonderful way to keep them close to your heart during a time when you probably miss them the most. Some couples will have special memorial photo frames and candle setups during their ceremony or reception. Other brides who want to keep their memorial more personal may use a special memento or a memorial handkerchief sewn into their dress or wrapped around their bouquet. No matter how you choose to remember a parent or loved one who has passed, keep in mind that they would want you to keep your wedding a happy and joyous occasion.

Your parents love you, and the simple wonderful thing about getting married is that it gives them a sense of completion as they see you begin your own family. The right gift will symbolize the cherished time with them, and represent your acknowledgement of all they’ve sacrificed to bring you to this wonderful day.