Alternative Wedding Dresses Worn by Celebrities


For centuries, brides in the western world simply wore their best dress on their big day, and it wasn’t until 1840 when the white wedding dress finally took off, a tradition that was credited to Queen Victoria according to Glamour. And here we are now, 176 years later, still practicing these age-old customs. While there’s nothing wrong with tradition, some would rather go down the unorthodox route and experiment with other colors that are just as breathtaking as the white bridal gowns you’d normally see in boutiques.

From Body Frock’s Wedding Tulip Dress to the ASOS Wedding Ruched Bodice Bandeau Dress as showcased on Lyst, brides are no longer feeling obligated to wear ivory down the aisle. Celebrities have also shared their take on the non-white dress trend, inspiring us to bring out our individuality rather than stick to convention.

Shenae Grimes
Pink may have been a popular choice for famous brides (think Jessica Biel and Kaley Cuoco), but the edgy Canadian actress decided that she was more suited to a gothic silk and lace number from Vera Wang’s first collection of black wedding gowns. Shenae Grimes isn’t the first to sport black at her wedding, as a handful of other celebrity brides have also gone dark for their nuptials, including Avril Lavigne and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Alison Pill
Why go for white when you can wear a bright, happy shade like yellow? Alison Pill had a rustic, intimate wedding with her closest family and friends last year over Memorial Day Weekend, donning a yellow dress and classic red lips. The Newsroom star even wore her hair in cute ringlets to complete the vintage look.

Sofia Coppola
Purple was the preference of the the notable director, but the color choice wasn’t the only unconventional aspect of her dress, as her customized lavender dress, courtesy of Azzedine Alaïa, ended at her knees instead of the floor. Sofia Coppola didn’t wear white on her big day, but her daughters Romy and Cosima did in matching dresses and turquoise bows, looking just as spectacular as their mother.


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