Tips to Take Care Of Your Engagement Ring

Guest post by Majesty Diamonds

Believe it or not, routine maintenance for engagement rings are mandatory to keep them shiny, clean and chip-free. Diamonds are known to be the hardest natural material on the Mohs scale but they can still get damaged and dirty. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that their cherished engagement ring can appear dull or get damaged by certain activities. We have you covered though, as we have compiled a list with all the information you need to properly take care of your engagement ring.
Number One: Why is it important to keep your engagement ring clean?

Dirt and grease easily dull the sparkle of diamonds and can make your once shiny ring look cloudy. Diamonds weren’t meant to be dull and the beauty of them is that they reflect light. When dirt accumulates, the diamond is unable to reflect light and it can appear to be a lower quality than it actually is! We often hear how pleased our customers are after we clean their jewelry and bring them back to life. Over time, they forget the initial sparkle and ignore cleaning their rings. The reality is, if you wear your rings every day, you absolutely need to clean them. Between cooking and other chores, you’re allowing your ring to accumulate a lot of dirt on a daily basis.

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Number Two: How often should a woman clean her engagement ring? Why?

We know some women that clean their rings every day! But this differs amongst all women and depends on a few factors. In order to determine how frequently you should clean your ring, think about how often you wear it and if you take it off to do house chores and activities, such as gardening. The more of this you do, the more often you should clean your ring. Regardless of your lifestyle though, we suggest that you get two professional cleanings per year with your jeweler because sometimes at-home cleaning isn’t adequate enough to remove all of the built-up dirt. As for at home cleaning, you may do this as often you want; however, we recommend it at least twice a month.
Number Three:  What are tips to clean an engagement ring at home without harming it?

The number one way to clean your ring is with warm water and dishwashing soap. The soap doesn’t harm the ring and removes most of the grease and dirt accumulated from daily use. This option leaves your ring with a great sparkle and after around 40 minutes in the solution, it will be noticeably cleaner and shinier.

  • Using a soft baby toothbrush with dishwashing soap is also helpful to remove dirt.
  • Dry your rings with a lint free cloth
  • Avoid harsh chemicals on your diamond rings such as bleach, acetone, and chlorine.
  • Avoid wearing your rings when you are playing sports, cleaning with chemicals, and putting on make-up and lotions. This will avoid any additional damage and dirt to your ring.


Number Four: Are there any circumstances where I should avoid wearing my engagement ring?

Yes, there are certain activities where you should leave your ring at home. Any physical activities like sports or swimming may put your ring at risk to getting hit or chipped. A blow to any ring can damage the setting and make it crooked or even put your center stone at risk. Your center stone is secured by prongs and if weakened, they can allow for your diamond to fall out. Your center stone may not fall out the first time your ring is hit; however, the more this happens the more you put your ring at risk. Avoid any damage by leaving your ring at home. Also, from time to time inspect your ring and make sure the center diamond is secure in the setting.



Number five: Insure your ring, you will thank us later.

Insurance for engagement rings are mandatory in our books. Life is unpredictable and really, anything can happen at any given moment. There are lots of unfortunate circumstances where rings get lost or damaged. The last thing you want to deal with is re-paying a full amount for a new engagement ring. Your other half already carefully chose out this ring and it holds sentimental value. In an unlucky situation, all you simply want to do is go back to your jeweler and ask them to re-create the exact ring without footing the bill. A tip is to insure your ring under your home insurance policy rather than on its own, it may save you some bucks!