Give Your Wedding a Tech Upgrade

By: Shannon Lochwood

When you are planning a wedding, there is a lot to do. Find a venue, a dress, beautiful centerpieces – and that’s only the beginning! Before long all the planning may have more than a few couples’ heads spinning, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We live in the technology age, and that means countless solutions to all our wedding planning problems are only a few keystrokes away. Online you can create your guest list, find the perfect place, and even let friends know how all the planning is going. We’ve got a few suggestions that can help you usher your wedding into the digital age:



The Wedding Website


Most couples create their wedding website soon after they get engaged. Here, they can document their love story for friends and family to see, invite folks to check out their registry, and post updates as they plan for their special day. You can also make your website interactive; family can RSVP to your wedding or leave comments with advice for a happy marriage.


The wedding website is particularly great if you live far away from family members or friends who are coming to the wedding. Here, they can feel like they are a part of the planning process even from miles away!



Online Vendors


Before the Internet, a couple’s wedding vendors were limited to the people in their local area. But now, the world wide web has connected more people than ever before! If you find a set of gorgeous centerpieces on an Etsy store in Germany, they can actually be a part of your wedding. You can order wedding flowers and even your wedding gown online too, which simplies the planning process and saves many brides a headache or two.


Of course, some aspects of a wedding will require a face-to-face visit. Most couples want to see a venue before they book it, and nearly all brides want to try on their wedding dress before they say yes. But online vendors can be a godsend when it comes to all the little details that make a wedding absolutely perfect.



The Nuptial Hashtag


The average length of an engagement is 14 months, but that time is filled with many exciting occasions. To keep track of everything during your engagement (and your wedding), think up a hashtag early on for all your wedding-related posts. An ideal hashtag is memorable – puns are encouraged – and includes both partner’s names and, if possible, the date.


Once your hashtag is in place, use it on social media and on your wedding website. Also encourage your guests to use it on the wedding day as they take selfies throughout the reception. By the time you come home from your honeymoon, this hashtag will be a digital scrapbook of all the important moments of your engagement and wedding – and that is something you’re sure to cherish!


Need some more inspiration for a digital wedding? Check out this infographic: