Rules to remember when choosing your wedding day accessories

Your wedding dress is the highlight of your bridal look. Even so, your wedding day outfit is incomplete without the right bridal accessories that enhance the effect of your dress.

When you pick the right bridal accessories, you will look amazing on your big day. The Best for Bride team of fashion experts from Canada suggest the following important rules to choose the best wedding day accessories to go with your dress.


Shop for your accessories only after you buy your dress


It is always easier to find accessories that match a dress, than the other way around. Wedding dress shopping is very challenging. Although wedding dresses come in all varieties, there are several constraints to consider when making your choice. So, wait until you finish your dress shopping to buy accessories that best complement it.


Don’t wait till the last-minute to pick your accessories


Allow yourself enough time to do your research and know your options. Nevertheless, go shopping for your accessories soon after you buy your wedding gown. This will give you enough time to explore your choices, mix and match options and narrow down your selection to what works best. Also, remember that custom jewelry pieces take longer to deliver. So, factor this into your wedding planning timeline.


Find the right balance

Too many pieces create a cluttered look. It is the same when all the pieces look uncoordinated. So, choose your accessories based on how opulent your wedding dress is. For a simple dress, pair it with large and bright pieces of jewelry. However, if the dress is embellished, keep your accessories simple. Also, remember that you do not need one of each accessory. Just add the right accessories that do not distract from the signature features of your dress, and you will look stylish.


Pair your dress color to the right metal

Although wedding dresses are traditionally white in color, there are various shades like ivory, champagne, off-white and antique white to choose from. Each of these colors mix with certain metals only. Therefore, it is important to identify the right metal for your choice of white. Accessories with gold as the base metal work best with off-white, while silver and platinum look great with pure white. Also, match the embellishments on the dress, like embroidery and crystals, to the metal color in your accessories for best results.


Base your choice on your wedding dress neckline

The neckline is a focal element of your wedding dress. With proper embellishments, you can highlight this feature of your dress and enhance its effect. For high or embellished necklines (like the halter style or illusion), avoid wearing a necklace. For open and low-cut styles like off-the-shoulder or V-necklines, decorate your décolletage with a suitable piece of jewelry to draw attention to this area.


Match your accessories to the theme

Your wedding accessories allow you to match your bridal look to the theme you choose for the wedding. So, do not be afraid to explore colorful choices that match your wedding colors. Also, ensure that the style and details of your wedding accessories do not clash with the overall wedding theme. When your accessories are consistent with the rest of your outfit and go well with the theme, the resulting look will be impressive.


Prioritize function over form when choosing footwear

However pretty your wedding accessories, you will not appreciate it unless you feel comfortable in it. Consider relevant factors like the venue and weather at the time of your wedding, and choose practical accessories that will work in the setting. Many brides choose form over function, when they buy wedding shoes. This often results in tired feet that ruins the entire experience.  It is best to stick to a heel-height that you are comfortable wearing, to avoid accidents.


Never compromise on quality

Do your shopping wisely, since your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and you should look your absolute best on this day. Set a realistic budget for your wedding accessories, and make the most of it when you go shopping. Always do your shopping at trusted jewelery stores to ensure quality products. Unlike your wedding dress, you will be able to reuse your wedding accessories after the wedding. So, consider it a good investment and make the best choices possible.


Complete your look with the right hair accessory

 Beautiful hair accessories instantly enhance the bridal look. So choose yours with care. Find hair accessories that work with your chosen hairdo and dress style, while flattering your facial features. From traditional veils and head bands to dramatic flower crowns and tiaras, explore the options available to find the one that looks best on you.


Stay true to your style

Your bridal look should be an extension of your natural personality, and your choice of accessories should also reflect this. If you usually wear simple jewelry, do not force yourself to pick extravagant pieces for your wedding. It is important that you are comfortable in what your wear, to look gorgeous on your wedding day. Find accessories that actually appeal to your taste, and you will feel satisfied and happy.


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