Destination Weddings

A fast-growing segment in the wedding industry is that of destination weddings. More and more people are now taking the bold step of travelling around the world to get married in exotic locations that add a whole new dimension to the celebrations. Often done when the bride and the groom are themselves from different countries or backgrounds, but even if not, a destination wedding could be the perfect opportunity to take a selected number of friends and family and have a great time in a foreign location.

One of the main questions raised about this trend is the cost, and surprisingly it is no different from having a wedding in your backyard, with the exception that you are also adding a vacation for everyone with your special day. Destination weddings don’t take away from some of the other trends like pet-friendly weddings, colour themes, or any other special request a bride may have, as everything is possible to achieve in a foreign country with just a little bit of planning and a lot of enthusiasm.


India remains one of the most exotic destinations in the world to get married. From old forts that are now luxurious hotels to lakeside resorts, the options are countless when you want to get hitched in India. A country that oozes colour, traditions and local dresses, this is a great way to take in the local festivities and add an element of culture to your wedding. Many celebrities from Heidi Klum and Seal to Katy Perry and Russel Brand have tied the knot in India. Most hotels have special packages that take care of all your needs, in addition to which, since the marriage industry is enormous in the country, numerous local wedding designers and planners can help you with everything that is required.



From the azure water of the Mediterranean in Greece to the beautiful sunsets in the Caribbean, a wedding on the beach is romantic, casual, and filled with a sense of pure bliss. Beachside resorts present wedding hunters with an abundance of selections that can range from high-end resorts where the most lavish of ceremonies take place to quaint little towns that are a more private and intimate setting for the wedding party. Add to that the always lingering party ambience and a lot of cocktails on hand, and you have a beautiful background for a memorable start to a new phase in life.


The backdrop of a vibrant town is often underrated. Be it the skyline of New York or the Opera House of Sydney, having the right location in a metropolitan city can make any wedding a truly unforgettable affair. City weddings do have certain limitations when it comes to finding large spaces, but if you want to be unconventional and plan to have a small gathering, then even a rooftop can be transformed into a scenic spot for taking the vows. When it comes to weddings, your imagination is the limit, but having a new destination to start a new chapter in life can be a novel idea that will make this special day one to remember for a lifetime.