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Tips for Taking Children to Weddings


In a few days, we’re off to a family wedding. And by we that means kids, too! Thankfully, the wedding is on the beach and kid-friendly. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t anticipate challenges.


While our kids are older—preteen and upper elementary—sitting for a romantic ceremony isn’t exactly their idea of a good time. But it’s a close relative, so they need to attend. Since they are both older, we’re not anticipating any big meltdowns in the form of tantrums like parents of little ones might battle. With the boys, though, the odds of them pestering each other are probably pretty high.


Sitting between them will likely be the solution, and, no, we don’t plan on letting them use technology. They’re old enough to watch the ceremony! However, for those of you with younger kiddos, your concerns for happy kids deserve a little more attention. Weddings are long at times, and kids don’t have the most patience…especially small kids.

So what do you do to keep them quiet and happy? When the babysitter isn’t an option, it’s time to plan ahead. And I’m talking a full arsenal of back-up plans and activities!

Bring Snacks

No one arrives at a wedding at the last minute—at least, I hope not. You’re going to arrive early to be seated and see the processional. And this means you and the kids will be sitting for a lot longer than just the ceremony. Bring snacks. Little ones will get hungry. Just be sure that the snacks you pack aren’t messy or noisy. Fruit snacks, apple slices or cheese sticks make great mess-free snacks. Leave the crackers at home. And don’t forget to pack water.

Pack a Library

While you’re waiting for the ceremony to begin, you can give kids picture books to help them pass the time. You can even find wedding themed books like “Fancy Nancy and the Wedding of the Century” or “Willow and the Wedding.” Coloring books also give little ones something to do during the down time. Just don’t forget to pack crayons (never markers…too messy!).

children and wedding2

Kids with a Role

You may be bringing your kids to the wedding because they are part of the wedding party. Or maybe it’s your wedding, and they are a huge part of the special day! For young flower girls or ring bearers, you can sing songs or read quietly together before they head down the aisle. Having kids involved in the wedding is the best way for them to feel like a part of the day…and stay busy! When young children are part of the wedding, you should help them understand their role in advance…and have someone walk with them if they are scared. Prepare them for LOTS of pictures, too!

Schedule Downtime

Young children who are used to a midday nap need downtime, especially if they miss their nap for the wedding. In the bustle of the excitement, little ones might skip a nap…and this may lead to a cranky kiddo! Scope out a quiet are where you can take them if they become cranky or overwhelmed.

Leave Early

Most kids can’t handle the all-night celebrations of wedding receptions. If your kids are getting too tired, it’s ok to leave a little early…or after dinner. Just be sure to find time to chat with the couple before making your exit.

A Change of Clothing

Kids might not feel comfortable in dress clothes for a long reception. Pack a change of play clothes or some pajamas so kids can dance and play comfortably. You may even want to include some comfortable ‘dancing shoes!’


Taking kids to a wedding can be a challenge—at any age! The secret to happy kids at weddings and at the after party is to plan ahead. Pack snacks, activities, extra clothing…and don’t hesitate to quietly retreat if your child gets overwhelmed. You may not even need your back-up plans, because many kids love weddings…and you may find your little one dancing through the night!

Wedding planning tips for the introvert bride

Let’s face it. Planning a wedding is stressful. You have a lot of ideas and things to do. Much of the wedding planning falls to the bride. After all, it’s your big day. But what do you do if you’re an introvert and relish downtime away from the hustle and bustle?


The following strategies will help you plan an introvert-friendly wedding. Create the kind of ceremony that will fit your personality while allowing you to enjoy your guest in unfamiliar surroundings.


  1. Hire help. Depending on your budget, you may want to hire a coordinate to help relieve the pressure of planning the perfect affair. If you’re budget is tight, consider hiring a day-of coordinator. This person at the very least will ensure that all details run smoothly on the wedding day so you can enjoy just being a bride.


  1. Schedule time to recharge. Wedding planning is hectic and with all the errands and tasks, you’ll be pulled in many directions. Schedule time each week (several times in a week is even better) to retreat away from the hustle and bustle. Turn off your phone and disconnect from social media to give yourself the mental break you need.


  1. Incorporate exercise to maintain your physical health. Exercise is a great way to alleviate the stresses associated with wedding planning. Low impact exercises like yoga can help you block out external pressures and create a calm space to recharge.


  1. Opt for an intimate affair. Introverts relish quality time and deep meaningful interaction over large gatherings. Work with your significant other to keep the guest list manageable and you’ll be less overwhelmed by the numbers. Small,initiate weddings can be just as memorable – especially if your anxiety levels are exaggerated with the thought of hosting a large soiree.



  1. Select an appropriate venue. Choose a facility with a side room, an alcove, or an outdoor area. These options offer the perfect mini hideaway when you need to collect your throughs or have a minute to recharge. Having a private area to steal away will help introverts pack in the much needed alone time.


  1. Communicate with friends and family. Your loved ones want to see you enjoy the big day. Take advantage of the good will. Often, you have responsible friends and family who can step in and lend a helping hand. Let them know what you need and how they can best pitch in. Everyone loves a wedding.


  1. Lean on an extroverted partner. Enlist your spouse-to-be’s help with social duties. Let them take the lead in the social department; especially if they are more outgoing. After all, you’ll getting married now. You’ll have a lifetime of leaning on one another.



One in three people self identify as introverts. Being an introvert  does not have to place a damper on wedding planning and hosting a memorable affair. There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding. Your wedding will be a festive occasion with friends and family to begin a new phase of life with a special person. Create the perfect event for the two of you and enjoy your special day.


Need some more tips for planning a wedding? Check out this infographic:


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Perfect for: Private Island Castaways. Couples seeking luxury and privacy. People looking for a once in a lifetime experience.


Vibes: Forgetting daily routines. Jumping into the water from your private deck. Everything you need to relax in one place.

Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and belonging to the dreamy tropical nation of Maldives, PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi is truly a remarkable place. The hotel’s modern boutique feel as well as its underwater spa really make it stand out from the rest. Enjoy the calendar of bespoke experiences, like private performances from Joss Stone, the Russian ballet or Lee Foss.




Perfect for: Ultimate loungers looking for a room with a view.


Vibes: Aegean luxury. Blues and whites for days. Watching the changing colour of the sun setting in the water.

Astarte Suites sits high above the Aegean Sea on the island of Santorini. The secluded location and the intimate size give it a feel of a private villa, with all the luxuries of a boutique hotel. Just a short walk away is Oia, one of the most well known and beautiful villages in the Mediterranean. Astarte consists of 9 beautiful luxury suites, all overlooking the volcano and the caldera.




Perfect for: Sun-worshippers. Island-hoppers. History lovers.


Vibes: Regal charm. Sunbathing on your private beach. Reading in the gardens. Lazy lunch beside the sea. Carefree sailing across the Adriatic. Birdsong and lapping waves. Sunset happy hour.

Villa Argentina sits on a dramatic cliff, surrounded by ancient walls, with a breath-taking view of Dubrovnik Old Town and the island of Lockrum. Take in the enclosing pine tree-clad mountains and the crystal emerald Adriatic sea. Villa Argentina, originally a private residence during early 20th century, was converted into a luxury hotel in the 1950s. 127 rooms and 4 suites keep the original architecture, with high ceilings and stone balconies, beautifully integrating the old with the new. Enjoy the old-world charm, the lush lemon and wild orange tree gardens; the rosemary, lavender and bay leaf plants. Breakfast on your private balcony with a historic backdrop. Dinner beneath the grapevines.




Perfect for: Winos and Foodies. Lovers of Architecture. Design Enthusiasts.


Vibes: Tasting the fertile landscape of Alentejo in the full-bodied wine made on the premises. Gazing into the clearest night sky from your bed.

L’AND Vineyards is a luxury boutique resort, set inside a vineyard in the heart of Alentejo. Enjoy views of a vine garden, a tranquil indigo lake and the Medieval castle of Montemor. The building houses the L’AND winery, as well as 22 modern suites, beautifully integrating design and nature, built with natural stone, slate and wood. Choose between Sky-View or L’and Suites. Both suites have a large outdoor terrace with fireplace and a private patio, creating a peaceful and intimate atmosphere. The Sky-View suites allow the full opening of the bedroom ceiling, and include a private courtyard garden with a plunge pool. Sleep under the Alentejo night sky and take advantage of one the least polluted areas in Europe.




Perfect for: Castaways. Coconut lovers. Underwater explorers.


Vibes: White sand beaches. Untouched reefs. Coconut palms and turquoise lagoons. Polynesian charm. A tropical environment in its natural state.

A short flight away from Tahiti, resides one of the most private and untouched French Polynesian islands – Tetiaroa. The sanctuary is home to The Brando – a vision developed by Marlon Brando for one of the first sustainable luxury retreats in the world. Tetiaroa is composed of many small islands surrounding a beautiful lagoon, which used to serve as a vacation destination of Tahitian royalty. The Brando offers 35 oceanfront villas, reflecting Polynesian culture. Choose a one, two or three bedroom villa, with inside and outside masterfully merged together.




Perfect for: Explorers. Wildlife lovers. Photographers. Adventure Seekers.


Vibes: Animal calls at night all around you. The clearest skies. River boat cruise at sundown. Being at one with nature yet luxuriously comfortable.

Marataba Safari Lodge sits on open plains and is surrounded by the Waterberg Mountains inside the Marakele National Park. Choose between 15 beautiful canvas-and-stone suites, each with a private viewing deck, a free-standing stone bath and an outdoor shower. Take advantage of the dramatic scenery of the red sandstone mountains and the river below. The main lodge has a large fireplace, to exchange stories by, a swimming pool to cool off during the day and numerous hammocks in the trees. Marataba offers an opportunity to see animals rarely seen anywhere else, because of its location in the transitional zone between the western and eastern regions of South Africa.




Perfect for: Travellers chasing the Northern Lights and looking for a true North Pole Experience.


Vibes: The heat of the sauna following a refreshing cool plunge in the lake. Blue twilight. Crisp, bright snow. The purples and greens of Aurora Borealis. Summer midnight sun.

Hotel Kakslauttanen is located along the road to the Arctic Sea, close to Urho Kekkonen National Park in one of the cleanest natural environments you will ever visit. Accommodations vary by size and design. Choose a personal glass igloo – perhaps the most unique part of the hotel, where the Northern Lights can be seen through your glass ceiling. Stay in one of the rustic chic cabins, made from kelp pines, including a fireplace and a sauna! Or, spend a night in one of the snow igloos for a true North Pole experience.




Perfect for: Designers. Architects. People looking for a unique natural experience.


Vibes: Sleeping amongst the tree-tops. Time traveling to the 1950’s. An enchanting and magical experience.

Treehotel combines great design, nature, sustainability and magic to create one of the most unique retreats in the world. Located in Northern Sweden, in the village of Harads, your long journey to get here will be worth it. Choose one of 6 unique treehouses with a view of Lule River valley, surrounded by centuries-old pines and suspended 4-6 metres above ground. Warm up in the Tree Sauna. Each “Treeroom” has been created by some of Scandinavia’s best architects and everything from the rooms to the furniture has been custom designed.


PlayaViva Treehouse - © Kevin Steele / For Playa



Perfect for: Eco-tourists. People looking to spiritually recharge. Yogis.


Vibes: Sustainability meets luxury. Staff that quickly become family. Whale sightings from your private beach. Untainted sand. Kayaking amongst the pelicans.

Playa Viva is a boutique beachfront ecolodge, located on Mexico’s Pacific side with Sierra Madre mountains as a backdrop. Enjoy the private stretch of beach, morning yoga, and the unique sustainable design. Choose one of 12 treehouses, eco casitas or suites – all open air and oceanfront. Wander the 200 acre property and discover an Aztec archaeological site or a mangrove ecosystem – home to a variety of wildlife. The mix of public and private spaces help create the perfect vibe for meeting new people or finding yourself. Playa Viva runs on a 100% off-grid solar system and uses smart water conservation. The ecolodge also runs The Playa Viva Turtle Sanctuary, protecting turtles from predators and poachers.




Perfect for: Escapists. Couples who are thirsty to explore the world in a non-traditional way.

Recommended Hotel: CAMP ADOUNIA, MOROCCO

Vibes: Travelling back in time. The golden dunes of Sahara. Starry nights by the camp fire. The melody of Berber songs accompanied by the desert wind.

Camp Adounia is a luxury glamping retreat in the Sahara desert and along the picturesque and secluded African beaches. Built to resemble old Moroccan desert tents where nomads stayed ages ago, the exotic getaway is a once in a lifetime adventure to truly connect with nature and share an unforgettable experience together.





Perfect for: Divers and Snorkelers. Shark lovers. Water World Nomads.


Vibes: Coconut palms. Underwater adventure. Sundowners while watching baby sharks and sardines in the water below. Lazy afternoons with a good book.

Misool Eco Resort is a remote dive destination and wildlife conservation centre in southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia, surrounded by crystal clear water, powder-white beaches, coral reefs, and uninhabited islands. The Water Cottages are built on stilts over water with reclaimed hardwood and Balinese-style open-air bathrooms. Discover an untouched underwater world you can dive into straight from your villa. Relax in the hammock on your private veranda with nothing but blue and green hues in your view.

Planning the Ceremony

Let’s face it. Sitting down to plan your wedding ceremony can be more than just a little overwhelming! Especially if you happen to be sitting at your computer and all you see is a blank document with the curser blinking in your face. It can bring on flashbacks of final papers from university or College and that need to write something… ANYTHING to feel like you have done something.

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3 Fun Alternatives to Traditional Bridal Shower Games

Any woman who has been to a friend or family member’s bridal shower knows that the typical games played at these events can be a bit cheesy. The old standbys of Bridal Bingo or The Newlywed Game have become so overplayed that it can make the whole party seem silly. Luckily, there are a number of other ways to celebrate a bridal shower that are a bit more creative and entertaining for guests. Read on for three of our favourites.



Image Credit: ferobanjo

Centre the Event Around an Activity

If your guests are active or athletically inclined, consider hosting the party at an ice skating rink, trampoline park, or indoor rock climbing facility. This way, guests will interact more and have stronger memories than they would by simply sitting around answering banal questions about the bride and groom. Another great option could be attending a hands-on cooking or baking class together so that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour at the end of the party. Wine and painting classes are super trendy right now, so that is another possibility. Be sure to consider the abilities and preferences of your guests in choosing an activity.


Image Credit: royguisinger

Offer Advice and Well-Wishes for the Bride

Another fun alternative to games is to have guests put together a series of idea boxes for the bride. For example, have each guest create a card with her favourite recipe and compile them all at the shower. To help keep the marriage going strong, another box could be filled with creative date night ideas or marriage advice. For well-wishes, assign each guest a number corresponding to a particular anniversary and have them write something sentimental on a card. Make sure the bride understands that she is not to open each card until that anniversary. This is a gift that will keep on giving for many years to come. Put each set of cards in a decorated box or a trendy mason jar tied up with a bow.

Image Credit: Carolyn Coles

If You Insist on Playing a Game…

Two truths and a lie is a fun way to get the conversation going, particularly if the guests do not know one another very well. To play the game, one guests tells of three memories she shared with the bride, two of them true and one a lie. The other guests then have to guess which one is the lie. In many cases, the true stories are actually more interesting than the lie, and the guests will have a great time swapping funny or touching memories.

To help you in planning a bridal shower, The Wedding Shoppe offers everything you need, from decor to party favours to stationery for the invitations. We carry products in a wide variety of themes to suit virtually every bride-to-be’s personal style and taste.