Give Your Wedding a Tech Upgrade

By: Shannon Lochwood When you are planning a wedding, there is a lot to do. Find a venue, a dress, beautiful centerpieces – and that’s only the beginning! Before long all the planning may have more than a few couples’ heads spinning, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Wish Lanterns and Your Wedding

Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable, and one way to achieve that wow-factor during your wedding is to incorporate wish lanterns into your ceremony or reception. Not only do these lanterns create a beautiful effect when they

The Unity Sand Ceremony – Everything you need to know!

The Unity Sand Ceremony – Everything you need to know! Our unity Sand Ceremony sets are one our most popular selling items. But even with its popularity we often get couples who come into our store asking us about the ceremony and the ways that it works. So with that in mind with thought it…

How to use our Wild Hibicus Flowers in your next special event.

A unique use of flowers on your special day Bet you never thought to have flowers in your drinks. These Wild Hibiscus flowers are all natural and deliciously edible. You can use them to jazz up your champagne during your engagement party, bridal shower and your wedding reception. Along with champagne, they also incorporate well into other…