Destination Weddings

A fast-growing segment in the wedding industry is that of destination weddings. More and more people are now taking the bold step of travelling around the world to get married in exotic locations that add a whole new

Tips for Taking Children to Weddings

  In a few days, we’re off to a family wedding. And by we that means kids, too! Thankfully, the wedding is on the beach and kid-friendly. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t anticipate challenges.

Planning the Ceremony

Let’s face it. Sitting down to plan your wedding ceremony can be more than just a little overwhelming! Especially if you happen to be sitting at your computer and all you see is a blank document with the curser blinking in your face. It can bring on flashbacks of final papers from university or College…

3 Fun Alternatives to Traditional Bridal Shower Games

Any woman who has been to a friend or family member’s bridal shower knows that the typical games played at these events can be a bit cheesy. The old standbys of Bridal Bingo or The Newlywed Game have become so overplayed that it can make the whole party seem silly. Luckily, there are a number…

5 Tips for Giving an Unforgettable Wedding Toast

The part of the wedding reception that brings the most tears to guests’ eyes is undoubtedly the wedding toast. If you are selected to give a toast at a friend’s or family member’s wedding,

Seating Your Wedding Guests – Etiquette and Other Handy Tips

Seating Your Wedding Guests – Etiquette and Other Handy Tips Your Aunt and Uncle have been fighting since the 90s, your last single friend is hypersensitive to being seated at the “wrong” table, and you have one couple coming from out of the country who only know you and your fiancé. What to do?

Wedding Favours 101

When it comes to choosing your wedding favours for your upcoming wedding, we admit, the task can at first glance seem a bit daunting!

How Savvy Canadian Brides Can Trim Wedding Costs

Getting married, eh? Those U.S.-made wedding clothes, favours, and accessories may look snazzy and the deals may seem unbeatable, but ordering U.S.-made or -sold goods online for shipment to Canada could involve some nasty hidden surprises that can jack up prices. Here are some cost-cutting tips for money-savvy Canadian brides.