A Bridesmaid’s Guide to Planning a Bridal Shower

For the bride-to-be, the bridal shower is an opportunity for the women in her life to get to know each other while literally showering her with gifts. They’re there to support her, and the gifts are meant to help her build a life with her fiancé.

Great Gift Ideas for Your Best Man and Groomsmen

Finding a thoughtful gift for your groomsmen is no easy task. It needs to represent both you and your spouse and what your love and wedding means. The gift also needs to match with the style of the men important enough to stand up there with you on your special day.

5 Beautiful Beach Themed Wedding Ideas

We love the beach-theme wedding trend and the unique and romantic feel it brings to a wedding. If you’re looking for a unique wedding theme, or just love the beach, here are some beach theme wedding ideas and decorations that you’ll fall in love with.

How to Plan a Rustic Wedding

When you search the dictionary for the word rustic, the reliable book of knowledge tells you that the term describes a rural, simple, unsophisticated adjective. The definition implies a rough, and dirty atmosphere with an irregular or sunken stone surface. Well, it’s safe to say that the dictionary needs some updating!

For The Eco-Couple: Green Wedding Ideas

With Earth Day approaching and environmentalism taking the world by storm, eco-weddings have become all the rage. However, the trend favours practical enviro-efforts over “hippie” clichés – think plantable wedding invitations over compost centrepieces.

The Top Wedding Décor Trends of 2014

2014: the Year of the Horse, the Selfie and the vintage chic wedding. Here are this year’s hottest wedding décor trends, and tips on how to expertly incorporate them into your design.

8 Last Minute Wedding Favour Ideas

Your wedding is mere weeks away, and you still haven’t found “thank you” gifts that your guests will truly appreciate. If you lack the time, resources or Pinterest know-how to make gifts from scratch, here’s a list of fabulous and fun last minute wedding favour ideas.