Seating Your Wedding Guests – Etiquette and Other Handy Tips

Seating Your Wedding Guests – Etiquette and Other Handy Tips Your Aunt and Uncle have been fighting since the 90s, your last single friend is hypersensitive to being seated at the “wrong” table, and you have one couple coming from out of the country who only know you and your fiancé. What to do?

How Savvy Canadian Brides Can Trim Wedding Costs

Getting married, eh? Those U.S.-made wedding clothes, favours, and accessories may look snazzy and the deals may seem unbeatable, but ordering U.S.-made or -sold goods online for shipment to Canada could involve some nasty hidden surprises that can jack up prices. Here are some cost-cutting tips for money-savvy Canadian brides.

Children at Weddings: Five Critical Considerations

Announce Your Decision to Allow or Disallow Children Early The question of whether or not to allow guests to bring their children should be answered early and made known to all of your guests. If considerations aren’t made for guests with children, a lack of preparation can be a problem.

For The Eco-Couple: Green Wedding Ideas

With Earth Day approaching and environmentalism taking the world by storm, eco-weddings have become all the rage. However, the trend favours practical enviro-efforts over “hippie” clichés – think plantable wedding invitations over compost centrepieces.