2016 Weddings Are Simply, Naturally Beautiful

  by Patti Dechter, AddAPearl.com  It’s always exciting to see which bridal gown and wedding décor trends emerge each year, and this year we have a real treat: natural elements are trending for 2016 weddings. And it turns out that leveraging the simple romance of nature’s bounty can create truly breathtaking weddings.

How to Plan a Rustic Wedding

When you search the dictionary for the word rustic, the reliable book of knowledge tells you that the term describes a rural, simple, unsophisticated adjective. The definition implies a rough, and dirty atmosphere with an irregular or sunken stone surface. Well, it’s safe to say that the dictionary needs some updating!

The Top Wedding Décor Trends of 2014

2014: the Year of the Horse, the Selfie and the vintage chic wedding. Here are this year’s hottest wedding décor trends, and tips on how to expertly incorporate them into your design.