Tips for Taking Children to Weddings

  In a few days, we’re off to a family wedding. And by we that means kids, too! Thankfully, the wedding is on the beach and kid-friendly. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t anticipate challenges.

2016 Weddings Are Simply, Naturally Beautiful

  by Patti Dechter,  It’s always exciting to see which bridal gown and wedding décor trends emerge each year, and this year we have a real treat: natural elements are trending for 2016 weddings. And it turns out that leveraging the simple romance of nature’s bounty can create truly breathtaking weddings.

Seating Your Wedding Guests – Etiquette and Other Handy Tips

Seating Your Wedding Guests – Etiquette and Other Handy Tips Your Aunt and Uncle have been fighting since the 90s, your last single friend is hypersensitive to being seated at the “wrong” table, and you have one couple coming from out of the country who only know you and your fiancé. What to do?

Children at Weddings: Five Critical Considerations

Announce Your Decision to Allow or Disallow Children Early The question of whether or not to allow guests to bring their children should be answered early and made known to all of your guests. If considerations aren’t made for guests with children, a lack of preparation can be a problem.

A Bridesmaid’s Guide to Planning a Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is a time-honoured tradition. As the bride’s last hurrah before tying the knot, you and the other bridesmaids need to show her the time of her life. If you kill a few brain cells and cause a little ruckus along the way, then so be it! However, a few things to avoid:…

A Bridesmaid’s Guide to Planning a Stag and Doe

A “stag and doe” party – otherwise known as a stag and drag, hen and stag, buck and doe or a Jack and Jill – is a great way for the soon-to-be-wed couple to fundraise. The money raised can either go towards the cost of the wedding, or a comfortable nest egg for when the couple starts…

A Bridesmaid’s Guide to Planning a Bridal Shower

For the bride-to-be, the bridal shower is an opportunity for the women in her life to get to know each other while literally showering her with gifts. They’re there to support her, and the gifts are meant to help her build a life with her fiancé.

How to Plan a Rustic Wedding

When you search the dictionary for the word rustic, the reliable book of knowledge tells you that the term describes a rural, simple, unsophisticated adjective. The definition implies a rough, and dirty atmosphere with an irregular or sunken stone surface. Well, it’s safe to say that the dictionary needs some updating!